MindMap Shopping List

MindMap MasterClass Shopping List Rudy Rensink

Today I want to show you how I do my shopping using a MindMap. A MindMap is a visual aid that helps me organize and structure my thoughts. And it works great not only for taking notes, but also for making a shopping list. It’s easy and effective and I can’t wait to show you …

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Taking notes on a presentation

MindMap Master Class Taking notes on a presentation Rudy Rensink

With the help of a MindMap you can record a presentation very well! It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all the information during a presentation and to write it down properly. However, with a MindMap this becomes a lot easier and more efficient. By using visual and creative techniques you can record …

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MindMap Workshop Rotary-Netherlands

Rudy Rensink Mind Map Training

Successful workshop given at the Rotary in Doetinchem. Most of the 22 participants did not know what Mind Mapping was and indicated after the workshop that they saw possibilities to work more effectively through Mind Maps. Interesting detail: three participants could not be physically present and followed the workshop via ZOOM. ©MindMapMasterClass – MdH 2022

Symbiosis between coral and Mind Mapping

MindMap MasterClass Rudy Rensink Nature Coral

This short video combines the beauty of coral with the power of MindMapping. As the camera zooms in on a beautiful piece of coral, the organic creature slowly begins to change shape. The coral’s tentacles and curves begin to unfold and expand, transforming into a colorful and complex MindMap. This visually captivating and inspiring image …

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MindMapping at Rotary Willemstad

MindMap MasterClass Rudy Rensink Rotary Willemstad Avila Beach

At the beginning of 2022 Rudy attended a number of Rotary meetings in Willemstad. The meetings were recorded by Rudy in MindMaps.. Each time Rudy has mindmapped the visits so that he can retrieve all the information afterwards. ©MindMapMasterClass – MdH 2022

Mind Mapping at Tui

MindMap MasterClass Rudy Rensink Tui

On February 10, 2022, an inspiring visit from Rotary Willemstad to TUI Curaçao took place. During this visit, the Rotary Club received an extensive tour of TUI’s relatively new building and gained insight into the activities that TUI undertakes on the island and in the rest of the world. Rudy Rensink, a well-known Mind Map …

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