Mind Mapping at Tui

On February 10, 2022, an inspiring visit from Rotary Willemstad to TUI Curaçao took place. During this visit, the Rotary Club received an extensive tour of TUI’s relatively new building and gained insight into the activities that TUI undertakes on the island and in the rest of the world. Rudy Rensink, a well-known Mind Map expert, was present to visually record the experience in the form of a Mind Map.

TUI Curaçao, a leading travel organization on the island was delighted to welcome Rotary Willemstad. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize Rotary Club members with TUI’s activities and the role the company plays both in the local community and globally.

Rudy Rensink, an expert in the field of Mind Mapping, was present as a guest to enrich the visit by capturing the experiences and information in a unique way. He used his Mind Mapping skills to visualize and structure key aspects of the tour and presentations.

During the tour, the members of Rotary Willemstad were given the opportunity to discover the various departments and activities of TUI Curaçao. From customer service to the reservation process and the company’s sustainability initiatives, all aspects were highlighted to provide a complete picture of TUI’s role in Curaçao.

Rudy Rensink captured the essence of the presentations and tour in an impressive Mind Map during the visit. By visualizing the most important points, ideas and insights, made a clear summary of the information. This Mind Map serves as a powerful tool to better understand and remember the acquired knowledge.

The other visitors were impressed by the Mind Map that Rudy Rensink made. They appreciated the creative approach to capturing information and saw the added value of Mind Mapping as an effective way to structure and communicate complex topics.

Rotary Willemstad’s visit to TUI Curaçao, recorded in a Mind Map by Rudy Rensink, emphasizes the importance of visualization and creative techniques in understanding and remembering information. It also illustrates the potential of Mind Mapping as a valuable tool in business and educational settings.

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